Monday, March 30, 2009

Damn! Many new vids (and what variety!)

by Aaron Mystery

In many ways, March was a bad month for me: Got my YouTube channel deleted and - much worse - got laid off from my day job. Both right after my birthday, no less.

But for B.E. fans and especially Suckermouth members, March was a great month! It kicked off with the classic B.E. scheme of two versions of the same cartoon - a clothed one (latex) and a nude. This was, of course, "BEclipse", which also featured some nifty Ace the Zombie spaceship bridge scenes. Following right behind (pun intended) was "Arsesome Boobage" another somewhat classic-style BE Quickie with growing boobs and a lot of emphasis on the derriere.

My next animation - "Obsessive" - was the parody of those Progressive commercials with the real annoying lady that shouts all the time. It was quite satisfying to see Ace treat her to some breast, butt, and hip growth.

"BEach Ball" was a rather naughty and short little BE Quickie that typifies what is great about your old fashioned beach breast expansion scene (with a little bit of self-love, of course).

After these vids I've enumerated, I thought I had the time to do something a little different that I was obligated to do anyway. So, after several months of talking about it, I finally made the first skit of Big Brethren 2 (will likely be part of a complete first episode). Although there are 11 women and only 3 men on Big Brethren 2, the first skit "Twittersode" featured Mr. Romance-Oh and Wheeler (in the buff, as all characters are required to be this season). The two characters argue back and forth over various things, thoroughly entertaining me, but probably not BE devotees (although some are more open-minded). Still, I think it's fair and likely that the next Big Brethren skit will feature women instead.

Still not convinced I did a lot this month? Well, then, how about "Bimbo Vampires vs. Zombies: The B.E.ginning"? It's an idea I've entertained for a long time. This animation - besides featuring some great B.E. - serves both as the prologue to a longer story and as an experiment for me to see what direction I want to take this story in. Great little vid, but I hope to do much better.

Wait! I'm not done! Another long-put-off show returned this month. "The Nighmare Hour with Ace the Zombie" kicked off its second show when Ace lampooned model's Kate Moss' proclaimation that her new 'B' cups are "massively bigger" than what she has had this whole time. Just a little B.E. here to keep you zealots happy.

Let's say that I didn't put a Kate Moss parody into the next Quickie, "Vegas", although the naked chick with the swinging, inflating tits does have one hot British accent. You'll love this one, breast expansion fans!

So shall we make it ten new videos on Suckermouth in March? Sure. I'm currently working on what is the "last scene" from the Bimbo Vampires vs. Zombies CG feature. Don't get too excited: A prologue and an ending do not a movie make. This'll just be another little experiment, with some breast, butt, and hip expansion, as you'd likely expect. But a sexy vampire always makes for a nice touch.

Get in touch with the dirty-minded kid in you: Suckermouth is just waiting for you to discover it. Hurry up, I need the money.

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