Thursday, January 15, 2009

Google surprises, approves critic's AdSense account

by Aaron Mystery

If the fact that Google (through Blogger) is still hosting Dirty Freedom is ho-hum (probably lots of G-critics on here), then the fact that my AdSense account has been approved by Google is slightly surprising. Does this mean that its child company YouTube is going to write me an email and apologize for taking my last video off and then reinstate it afterwards? Nope.

I don't know how the AdSense approval process works, but based on the timeline (two days in my case), it seems as though it must be a real person spot-checking the blogs pending approval. In addition to that, I labelled my blog A.O., so I was sure that would be a hindrance. Nope.

And when I look at YouTube, most of my 100+ "more adult" vids sailed effortlessly to months or even years of happy viewership before this latest one-two punch... So does that mean a few bad apples at YouTube are spoiling the whole barrel? Nope.

It's Google's and YouTube's policies, from (apparently) vague and subjective TOS to absolute lack of two-way communication that prevent appeal beyond the jerk that pulled a particular vid. If you have an idiot working for you, I should be able to go beyond him for at least a fair chance at resolving a disagreement with someone with a brain.

Like my last AdSense-focused blog, this one is rather dull, so wrapping up now would seem to be the proper thing to do.

You hear that Google/YouTube et al? The proper thing to do. You hear me?


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