Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nice! Nice! News! News!

by Aaron Mystery

Wand Day After Another is finally here!

At the frequency I create Suckermouth cartoons, a new one isn't exactly news. However, the fact that after six months of nothing but Quickies and a few new Interactives, storytime has returned to Suckermouth in the form of Wand Day After Another - Harriett Potter and the Wand of Breast Expansion Season 2, Episode 3 (whew!). And this is no random cartoon: Not only do we pick up from where Harriett Potter left off, we get an Alpha Omega crossover! And who shows up for the party? Harriett LeBeaux from Wand Season 1 and Hellen, the evil doppleganger first introduced in the Alpha Omega storyline "Hell Circa 2008." Oh, and one more very special guest also makes an appearance.

[If none of the above paragraph makes any sense to you, then you can catch up by watching some of my vids at YouTube and DailyMotion (or Suckermouth, if you want everything). (Links to my YouTube and DailyMotion channels are posted at the bottom of this blog.)]

Creating the most recent episode of Wand took six days and cost me some sleep. As I neared the end of production, I had to tweak the ending to cut a couple days off the schedule (plus it didn't end strong enough before). Despite the fact that I wish I could spend another week fine-tuning it and adding a couple extra shots or lines of dialogue, I am moderately satisfied with the end result. I hope you will be, too.

Future projects? Cards, timeline, new interactives

A couple weeks ago, I was sketching up ideas for a Suckermouth card game that you print out from your computer at home. I'm close to putting the idea into production, and the first sheet of 9 cards could be out by the end of February.

If memory serves me correctly, I once had a timeline on Suckermouth illustrating the evolution of my characters and stories. I thought between Wand episodes and the Alpha Omega storyline and Bastard Piece Theater it would sure help to have a quick reference for what happened when to whom. I've had a protoype for months, and may deploy it with the next big site redesign.

So far in 2009, I've made Quickies, a Featurette, and a Wand episode, but have yet to do an Interactive. I'd like to do something a little more involved than the usual grow-or-shrink scheme - it'd be nice to challenge myself and come through with something more like a walk-thru video game (with the same B.E. theme). Just an idea, though, I've got a million of them. It's even better when I pull one off once in a while.

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